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My Story...

Before we get started I just want to thank you for trusting in me to be the person that helps you reach your health and physical goals! I’m so honored to be that person and I promise you that if you stick to everything in this program you will not only look better but feel better as well! The sense of accomplishment and empowerment is a huge motivator once you get started.


If you know me from any of my social medias, then you must know my story. But i’m going to give you a little re-cap to help motivate you and see that it is possible!


You see, like most of you I struggled with weight gain. Which is crazy because a lot of people struggle with the opposite, which is trying to keep the weight off. I felt like I was the only person that had this issue. My family members would tell me that I would grow out of it like most of them did. But here I am at 23 years old (at the time) and i’m still under 90 lbs. What the heck!! 


I was so tired of people always commenting on how “skinny” I was

and how “if I turned to the side I would disappear” and “to eat

more”. The problem was, I was eating! eating wasn’t the problem. 

So why am I still skinny? 


Why was it that every time I got ready, put my jeans on and looked

at myself in the mirror, I hated what I saw. I would see how baggy

my jeans were and the huge gap between my thighs were there

emphasizing how skinny I was. I would get so sad and 

depressed that I would just stay home. I didn’t want the world to 

see me.

I needed a change so desperately but I couldn’t find the answer. I gave up and accepted the fact that I was never going to love my body, that I was always going to look like a child because of my petite frame/weight. It is what it is…

But crazy enough.. I was at the gym with my aunt just to support her and I ran into a personal trainer. He saw the potential that my body had and wanted to train me at a discounted price. I was sold! This is my last chance so i’m going to give it my all.


We started training 4 days a week for a couple of months and boy it was freaking hard! I never trained like this in my life. He also gave me a meal plan to follow which made me focus on eating the right foods not just eating everything on site. I started to learn so much about macros and calories how important it is in health and weight gain/fat loss. I couldn’t believe that I was seeing the number on the scale go up and muscles on my body!! It started motivating me even more! I couldn’t stop. 


In as little as a year I was able to go from 87 lbs to now 106 lbs. CRAZY right? not only                                                                  was I able to put on  20 lbs but most of it is muscle!                                                              Lean, toned muscles. I couldn’t believe my own                                                                      transformation and others couldn’t either. I started                                                                getting so many people asking me for help, since                                                                  there’s no one really out there helping people like                                                                  us who struggle with weight gain, gain weight. I                                                                      decided to take this serious and get certified as a                                                                  NASM personal trainer and learn as much as I could                                                              to help you too.


                                                             So here I am writing my first program! and I couldn’t                                                              be more excited. If you have done my 30 day                                                                          challenges before and got amazing results just imagine how amazing those results will be in 12 weeks? Im so happy that you are taking control of your body and making a life long commitment to yourself to be healthy and love your body!

What is the Curvy In 30 Program?

It is a 12 week muscle building program and nutrition guide. Specifically made for women seeking to build curves, a toned body, a nice booty and healthy weight gain!

You get a downloadable ebook that can be saved anywhere! Within the ebook you will receive 140 pages of information as well as links to private videos of exercises and on nutrition.

You will have a 12 week workout guide complete with 3 full body days, 2 abs/calfs days as well as booty specific days each week.

All workouts can be done at home, as well as the gym. All you need to get started is a pair of dumbbells that challenges you.

This program is great for beginners and intermediate lifters!

Keep scrolling down to see all the amazing bonuses that is included with your 12 week program!

Small Appetite Tips

Weight Gainer Shake Recipe

Grocery List



 All for only ONE payment of   197




Refund Policy:

Due to the digital and instant nature of this program, all sales are FINAL and NOT refundable, however I want you to be super happy! So if you have trouble, please send me a message and let's work together :)

Jump start 2019 with a program that is already written out for you, all you have to do is follow. Imagine yourself 12 weeks from now, having those beautiful curves and booty that you always wanted!


No more guessing on what exercises to do or what foods to eat! It's all in the program and easy to understand. With 24/7 support within the CurvyIn30 community, you will never be lost again!

Click the button below to get started!



Refund Policy:

Due to the digital and instant nature of this program, all sales are FINAL and NOT refundable, however I want you to be super happy! So if you have trouble, please send me a message and let's work together :)